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Orchha Diaries

Orchha, literally meaning a “hidden place”, is a wonderful Heritage Town situated in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. This small town lies on the bank of River Betwa at the distance of 20 km from Jhansi. It is a tourist destination, known worldwide for its fabled Ram Raja Temple, Forts, Palaces Cenotaphs and Monuments. The Betwa River offers water sports like river-rafting that attracts locals and tourists alike. Orchha reflects the glory of Bundela Dynasty that ruled over this region of Bundelkhand. The locals are famous for their hospitality and warmth. Once you visit Orchha you will never forget the memories of this Architectural Heritage Village.

Group of Cenotaphs (Chhatri) of Bundela Dynasty’s members

I recently got a chance to visit Orchha as I had heard a lot about it. I packed my camera and went on a journey of exploring Orchha Solo.

Pool Side of Amar Mahal Palace

The residence I stayed at, was a Heritage Property and showed the image of Royal Palace and its lifestyle. I started clicking photos from my Hotel gallery of Amar Mahal Palace.

Amar Mahal Palace (Garden View)
Amar Mahal’s Gallary









My personal favourite spot in the town were the architectural marvel of the Cenotaphs of Bundela Dynasty.

img_20161130_162207 img_20161130_162404_1

Cenotaphs (छत्री): Just a half km away from Main City Market, 15 cenotaphs of Bundela kings and related members of their clan are located. Architecture of these cenotaphs belongs to Nagara Style of temple architecture. Most of them are a three-story structure. All the chambers on four corners have dome shaped tops surrounded by small cenotaphs resting on columns. Most of the cenotaphs are surrounded by beautiful gardens. Many bird-watchers are mesmerised by the vulture habitat on the top of these Cenotaphs.


Shah’s Chhatri
Hardaul Temple
Cenotaphs of Bir Singh Deo’s family

The trip would not be complete without a quiet evening sitting on the Kanchan Ghat on the bank of river Betwa. A place that brought peace to my soul as I enjoyed the the fresh wind, sound of water and lush green forest.

River Betwa

Other Major Tourist Attractions in Orchha are Jahangir Palace, Rai Praveen Mahal, Ram Raja Temple, Chaturbhuj Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Phool Bagh etc.

Bundela King’s Cenotaphs

How to Reach:

Airways: Nearest Airport is Gwalior (130 km) which is directly connected with New Delhi and Mumbai. Other nearby Airport is Khajuraho connected with New Delhi and Varanasi.

Railways: Nearest Railway Station to Orchha is Jhansi (20km) connected with almost all major cities of India.

Roadways: Orchha lies on National Highway 37 and can be accessed by road from Jhansi, Gwalior, Agra, Mathura, Kanpur, Khajuraho, Shivpuri, Chanderi etc.

Where to Stay: All categories of Hotels, Resorts, Guest Houses and Homestays available in Orchha.

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