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Elephant Parade: A Mosha’s Journey

‘Mosha’ is not just a name of any ordinary elephant but the one who was behind the whole journey of Elephant Parade. It was the year 2006 when traveler father and son Marc and Mike Spits visited Thailand and saw a baby elephant who had lost her leg in a landmine blast while walking near the Burmese border. Mosha inspired Marc and Mike to create Elephant Parade. With the initiative of them, Mosha was able to walk on the Prosthetic leg but it was not that easy because elephants grow every year up to 20 years of age. These new fittings are a large effort and expense as they require continued pioneering in a new area of elephant and veterinary medicine.

Mosha was the first elephant in the world to receive and use a prosthetic leg functionally. Mosha now living in FAE Hospital (Friends of an Asian Elephant), the world’s First Elephant Hospital.

Mosha at FAE Hospital


Elephant Parade Land is situated in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has their outlets all around the world. It is a Social Enterprise with a unique combination of Art, Business, and Conservation. 

  • Paint elephant’s replicas.
  • Sell them for raising funds
  • Use the fund for conservation of elephants



Now, Elephant Parade runs the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues. Created by artists and celebrities, each Elephant Parade statue is a unique art piece.


The Elephant Parades throughout the world and their themes. From 2008, It organized parades in other important cities like Amsterdam, Bangkok, California, Copenhagen, Milan, Mumbai, Singapore etc on the theme of the respective country. 

It is now associated with world’s biggest brands and celebrities

Wall of Fame

Why Are Elephants important and special?

Asian Elephants.

Conservation Projects in Asia.



Professionals at Development Studio.

Time for packing

Showroom: Tourist can buy replicas of an elephant of any size and theme. Thousands and Thousand of themes available here or can order also of your choice.

How to Reach:

Airways: Chiang Mai International Airport is connected with various neighboring counties on regular basis.

Railways: Trains available from Bangkok to Chaing Mai.

Roadways: Volvo Coaches also available to almost all major cities of Thailand.

Where to Stay: All budget of Hotels, Resorts, and Hostels available in Chiang Mai.

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