Top Nine Places to Visit in Telangana

Telangana the youngest and 29thState of India was born on June 2nd. The fledgling State offers a number of exciting destinations for tourists. Comprising of 10 districts and each district is a repository of ancient forts, temples of great sanctity and antiquity, picturesque lakes. Marvellous hill resorts, enchanting parks and lakeside resorts, sparkling waterfalls, numerous wildlife sanctuaries and […]

15 Best Places to visit in Gwalior

Gwalior ‘The Best Heritage City’ witnesses an Ancient history, Medieval History and Modern History since 2000 years. It was the land (Tapobhumi) of great sage Rishi Galav. It witnesses dynasties like Naag, Kushan, Shung, Gupta, Pratihar, Kachwaghat and Tomars. Gwalior became a pride fill state while being under the dynasties of Turk and has attracted […]