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Top Nine Places to Visit in Telangana

Telangana the youngest and 29thState of India was born on June 2nd. The fledgling State offers a number of exciting destinations for tourists. Comprising of 10 districts and each district is a repository of ancient forts, temples of great sanctity and antiquity, picturesque lakes. Marvellous hill resorts, enchanting parks and lakeside resorts, sparkling waterfalls, numerous wildlife sanctuaries and awesome heritage sites.

            Apart from the capital city of Hyderabad, with its 400 year old legacy of the Qutub Shahis, the Charminar, Golconda Fort, Telangana abounds in the places of historic interest. Every region has majestic Forts and temples which speak volume of the past grandeur and glory. Warangal, just a short distance from Hyderabad, is a gateway of history with most exquisite example of Kakatiya architecture. The Thousand Pillar Temple and the Ramappa Temple are masterpieces of sculpture in stone. Warangal Fort, Nizamabad Fort, Medak Fort and some other fortification reminded us of a rich royal past. These majestic monuments are prime tourist destinations.
            Telangana is also replete with abundant natural spots. There are magnificent waterfalls in Adilabad and Nagarjun Sagar dam. There are beautiful lakes (natural as well as artificial) like Laknawaram Lake, Pakhal Lake, Kadem Lake and many more. Telangana is a well forested land and there are few wildlife sanctuaries like Alisagar Deer Park, Eturnagaram Sanctuary, Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary etc.
            Telangana has man beautiful temples and venerated places of worship located across the state, which are now popular pilgrim centres like Chilkur Balaji Temple, Birla Mandir, Mecca Masjid, Sitaramchandra Swami Temple etc. The religious circuit of Telangana is truly a soul enriching ‘soothing’ journey.

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            Hyderabad forever epitomizes one of the most happening cities in India. Hyderabad is the fifth largest metropolis of India and is the state capital of Telangana. It is known for its rich history and culture with monuments, mosques, temples, a rich and varied heritage in arts, crafts and dances. Hyderabad and Secunderabad are twin cities, separated by Hussainsagar Lake.  The 400 year old city is noted for its natural beauty, heritage buildings, traditional bazaars, bridges, rock foundations and beautiful lakes. It is preached on the top of Deccan plateau. Its palaces, buildings, houses, tenements gardens and streets have a history and an architectural individuality of their own, which makes Hyderabad a city of enchantment.
            How to Reach:
Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is well-connected with major cities across the globe. And It is 20 km from the city.
Rail:Hyderabad has three Railway stations: Hyderabad (Nampalli), Kacheguda and Secunderabad. And it is well-connected to all major cities of India.
Road: The city is well-connected to its neighboring towns like Aurangabad, Bangalore, Tirupati, Chennai, Nagpur, Chennai, Panaji etc.
            Places to Visit:


Golconda Fort

Mecca Masjid 
Telangana State Archaeological Museum 

Qutub Shahi Tomb
Chowmahalla Palace
Salarjung Museum
Ramoji Film City
NTR Gardens
Birla Mandir

Hussain Sagar Lake
            Best Place for shopping:
Laad Bazar
Gnapika Souvenir shops
            Where to Stay
Haritha Taramati Baradari Resort, Hyderabad
The Plaza, Hyderabad
Haritha Lake Resort, Shamirpet
            Nalgonda is a district in the Telangana state of India. It was once known as Nilagiri, and during the reign of the Bahamani dynasty it’s name was changed to Nallagonda which literally means ‘black rock’ in the local language. It was during the rule of Nizams that the name was spelled as Nalgonda for official purposes. Some of the interesting places to worth visiting at Nalgonda are Nagarjun Sagar Dam, Yadagirigutta Temple etc.
            How to Reach:
Air: Nearest Airport is Hyderabad Airport which is 98 km away
Rail: Nalgonda Railway station is well-connected to other cities
Road: Nalgonda is well-connected by road to all major cities of the state.
            Places to Visit:

Sriparvatarama (Buddhavanam)
Kolanupaka Jain Temple

Nagarjun Sagar Dam

Lord Narsimha Temple, Yadagirigutta

Lord Narsimha Swami Temple, Mattapalli


Bhongir Fort


Where to Stay

Haritha Vijay Vihara, Nagarjun Sagar
Haritha Hotel, Yadarigutta
            Gateway to history, the repository of a rich culture, Warangal presents a dramatic landscape stepped in ancient glory and a wealth of architecture. It is situated 140 km from Hyderabad. Warangal takes it’s mystique from one of the most fascinating dynasty i.e The Kakatiyas. It was recently adjudges the Best Heritage City in India by Ministry of Tourism.
One of India’s best bird-watching spots, the Pakhal Lake and Pakhal Sanctuary located here.
            How to Reach:
Air: Nearest Airport is Hyderabad Airport which is 140 km away from city.
Rail: Warangal Railway station is one the major station of Telangana State and well-connected to all major Indian cities.
Road: Warangal Bus Station is located in Hanamkonda which connects Warangal to other cities of Telangana.
            Places to Visit:

Warangal Fort
Ramlingeshwara Temple, Ramappa

Thousand Pillar Temple
Ramappa Lake

Kakatiya Rock Garden
Bhadrakali Temple

Ghanpur Group of Temples

Etunagaram Wildlife Sanctuary 

Where to Stay

Haritha Kakatiya, Warangal
Harithe Lake Resort, Ramappa
Haritha Lake Resort, Laknawaram

            Khammam is a treasure trove of natural wealth, located 257 km from Hyderabad. Verdant forests cover more than 50% of district and rich timber like Teak is obtained from these forests. Khamman is a must visit on the pilgrim route, with its famous temple of Sitaramchandra Swami as Bhadrachalam at a spot believed to be where Lord Rama crossed the river Godavari as he proceeded southwards in the search of Sita. Kinnerasani Wildlife sanctuary is one of the state’s best natural habitats. Khamman district is one of the ‘Coal mining district of India.’
            How to Reach:
Air: Nearest Airport is Hyderabad Airport which is 257 km away from city.
Rail: Khamman Railway station is fall on the Vijaywada to Hyderabad line and there are few trains that pass through the station.
Road: Khammam can be reached easily from Hyderabad by buses.
            Places to Visit:

Lord Sitaramchandra Swami Temple, Bhadrachalam

Lord Venu Gopal Swami Temple, Kusumanchi
Jeella Cheruvu (Chinna Tirupati)

Khammam Fort
Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary



Where to Stay
Haritha Hotel, Bhadrachalam
Harithe Wayside Amenities, Wyra
            One need not travel far from the capital city of Hyderabad to reach Medak. It is just 90 km away. In medieval times it was a Kakatiya stronghold and hence the landscape here is historic as well as heritage laden. The major attractions of this district are Medak Fort, Medak Church, which is second largest in the world.
            How to Reach:
Air: Nearest Airport is Hyderabad Airport which is 90 km away from city.
Rail: Nearest Railway Station is Manoharabad Railway Station which is 60 km
Road: Medak is well-connected with all major cities of Talangana by buses.
            Places to Visit:

Medak Fort 

Sri Vidya Saraswati Temple, Wargal

Medak Church

Goddess Kanakdurga Temple, Edupayalu

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

Gottam Gutta, Zaheerabad


Where to Stay
Haritha Heritage Hotel, Medak Fort
Haritha Lake Resort, Singur

            Nizamabad presents a dramatic landscape coupled with its rich historic inheritance. Encompassed by lush greenery Nizamabad is the perfect eco-tourist destination. It was former capital of Rastrakutas and lies close to Maharastra border Ali Sagar is the most famous weekend spot.
            How to Reach:
Air: Nearest Airport is Hyderabad Airport which is 172 km away from city.
Rail: Nizamabad Railway station is fall on the Kachiguda-Manmad raiway line and well connected to all major cities of India.
Road: Nizamabad is well connected to major cities like Varanasi, Kanyakumari, Jagdalpur, Karimnagar etc.
            Places to Visit:

Quila Raghunathalayam- Nizmabad Fort

Domakonda Fort

Dichpalli Ramalayam

Lord Hanuman Temple, Sarangpur
Nizam Sagar Dam
Alisagar Deer Park

    Where to Stay
Haritha Indur Inn, Nizamabad

            Adilabad abounds in natural beauty and is the repository of an ancient legacy. The lush green region surrounded by serene mountains, the Satpura range traverses the District from the northwest to southeast for about 281.5 km. Adilabad name derived from the erstwhile ruler of Bijapur, Adil Shah. This region was ruled by Mauryas, Mughals, Satvahans, and the Chalukyas.
Adilabad is wonderful tourist destination where adventure, nature, and sacrosanct appear side by side.
            How to Reach:
Air: Nearest Airport is Nagpur Airport which is 187 km away from city.
Rail: Adilabad Railway station has connectivity to all nearby locations and frequent trains to Hyderabad, Nanded, Nellore, Vijayawada, Patna, Mumbai and Nagpur.
Road: Adilabad is well connected to major cities of Telangana and neighbor states
Places to Visit:

Goddess Saraswati Temple, Basar

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Kadam Dam
Kuntala Waterfalls


     Where to Stay
Haritha Lake Resort, Kadem
Haritha Hotel, Basar
Haritha Eco Resort, Jannaram
            Karimnagar was the bastion of the Satavahanas and its history is steeped in their glorious rule. Kotillinga in Karimnagar was the first capital of the Satvahanas, a powerful dynasty which left it imprint in the remarkable monuments and forts that stand testimony. Karimnagar is a fast developing district with every facility. Lower Manair Dam is a choice tourist destination and historic monuments are worth visiting.
            How to Reach:
Air: Nearest Airport is Hyderabad Airport which is 154 km away from city.
Rail: Nearest Railway Station is Warangal Railway station which is 80 km. Karimnagar Railway Station in under renovation.
Road: Karimnagar is well connected to major cities like Hyderabad, Nizamabad, and Warangal etc
            Places to Visit:

Elagandal Fort, Karimnagar

Jagtiyal Fort, Jagtiyal

Sri Laxmi Narsimha Swami Temple, Dhrampuri
Lower Manair Dam
Kondagattu Anjaneya Swami Temple
Sri Raja Rajeswara Temple, Velumawada

Bommalamma Gutta, Gangadhara
Mukteshwar Swami, Kaleshwaram


Where to Stay

Haritha Hotel, Kondagattu

            Mahabubnagar is the largest district in Telangana in terms of area covered. It had been formerly known as Rukmammapeta and Palamooru. It is said that famous Golconda diamonds including the famous Koh-i-noor diamond came from Mahabubnagar District. There are number of places of worship in and around Mahabubnagar town.

            How to Reach:
Air: Nearest Airport is Hyderabad Airport which is 65 km away from city.
Rail: There are three stations in Mahabubnagar: Mahabubnagar Main Station, Mahabubnagar Town Station and Yenugonda. All are well connected with all major cities of India.
Road: Mahabubnagar is well connected to major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gulbarga, Kurnool, and Mumbai.
            Places to Visit:

Gadwal Fort

Sri Madhava Swami Temple, Kollapur

Sri Umamaheshwaram Temple

Mallela Theertham
The Nava Brahma Temples, Alampur

         Where to Stay
Haritha Hotel, Alampur
Haritha Hotel, Gadwal etc…

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