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Tips for Travelling By Cycle

Whether you are a cyclist, you probably cycle around your neighbourhood but it is a first time to Travel by Cycle for a long distance then you will equally wonder how to go about it. Cycle travel is also loaded with several goodies like the freedom to make the stops you want; enjoy the scenery, take pictures, make memories out of it, grab a drink while at it then hop back on. It also allows you to give yourself a great exercise, and it is also Eco-friendly. The excitement doesn’t however rid the worry of how you will manage it so let me highlight a few guides on how to travel by cycle.

Research on the place you plan to visit: Many people have taken cycling as their means of travel for quite some years now; the reason for the many cycling route maps across the globe. These maps should on top of your list especially if it is your first time to visit the place by cycle. Research on the security of the place you don’t want to be cycling in the middle of the night in an insecure place just to lose your precious possession could be the full suspension mountain bike.

You could use a cycle tour guide; just factor in the expense of hiring one. You will surely get to an awesome tour; enjoy scenic places and hopefully nice company from a professionally trained tour guide. Also, check with the weatherman as you don’t want your well-planned tour to be thwarted by poor weather like a heavy downpour. This could turn your adventurous cycle tour into a nightmare. Besides, remember to mark bicycle stores on your map.

What to pack: You definitely need to jot down a check list of the must haves if planning to travel by cycle for a long distance or a holiday. Start with the essentials; a map, helmet, tools, and appropriate clothing. If camping, consider a tent, sleeping bag, and essential toiletry items. You could also bring along a days’ meal and water. Still, don’t overload your cycle; just list the essentials. You could still pack backup tire tubes, and be sure to learn basic skills like changing a flat tire and a cycle pump.

Is your body on board with the task?: How physically fit are you? This is one question you owe yourself an answer. Cycling for long distances comes with physical discomfort which you should definitely ensure your body can endure. Otherwise, it could ruin a well-thought- out tour. Prepare the body by exercising beforehand. If it is not routine for you, try to push yourself by cycling a longer distance than the usual. Take on a similar terrain as much as you can to help get a feel of what the cycle tour will demand of you. This will also up your confidence.

Test-ride your cycle: Take your cycle for a long distance test-ride. See if it is fit for the terrain, or it calls for some adjustments. When taking a test ride, undertake all measures as you would on your actual cycle tour. Wear a helmet, right clothing, and pack the essentials just the same way you would need on tour. This will help you get a feel for everything. Adjust the saddle to the right position. Ensure you’re comfortable on your mountain bike. In addition, you get to confirm your cycle’s carrying capacity.

Do you hire a cycle tour guide?: If your plan is to travel by cycle to a place you’ve never been before, then hiring a professional tour guide would be a fantastic idea. Cycle tour guides are excellent cyclists, equipped with vast knowledge of cycles so you need not worry about how you will fix a tire, tighten brakes; the guides know cycle shops and locations in that area. You will definitely be at ease since there’s someone to guide you, not to mention the good company. Do they need to be hired again right? Just remember to factor in the hiring charges.

In conclusion: If you enjoy traveling and cycling then, by all means, ride your cycle. Cycling offers you a platform to connect with the environment you’re touring, smell the air and feel the breeze brush your face. You will surely miss out on the architectural details of the place if traveling by car plus less chance if not none at all to interact with the locals. A car moves so fast, plus it is easy to get distracted by a text message then spend the next few minutes glued to your phone or even since you can hardly enjoy the scenery, lull into slumber land.

Together with physical fitness, riding a cycle is also therapeutic. Riding a cycle can help improve your cognitive health as well as emotional welfare. Cycling can also improve a child’s self-esteem, sharpen their senses and accentuate their ability to focus. With all these goodies offered by cycle, riding doesn’t shy away from traveling by cycle.

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