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Sran Tourist Farm, Banmore

“Once Mahatma Gandhi said ‘’Back to Villages, Swami Dayanand Saraswati said ‘Back to Vedas’, then one day I said ‘Back to bicycle’”

Sran Farm House is a beautiful place situated on A.B. Road near Banmore, near Gwalior. Thing that made it special is green field and paddy field surroundings. Presence of two natural ponds in the destination attracts you to take a dip in it and play with fishes. Cattle Farming is again one of the main attraction of Farm. Having a fun under water pump or short walk tour of village makes the destination memories unforgettable. One thing that you should never miss at farm is their Fresh Fruits and vegetables. Traditional food prepared by locals can wake foodie that sleeps inside you. In short, it’s a small beautiful village, where you can enjoy rural culture and the beauty of farm’s life. And Yes, It a paradise for photographers.

My old connection with cycle motivated me to explore new places of the region, and then the first idea that clicked was ‘Enjoy rural Tourism at Sran Farm’, which was suggested by my good friend Amandeep Siddhu. And then One day, I along with my friends named Steve Walker (an American cyclist), Amandeep and Ranjeet planned to visit Farm on cycle.

It was 5:00 pm,

We started cycling for Banmore via Saagar Taal Road, Jalalpur, Susera Kothi and Reached Highway-44. Took Left turn and moved towards Krushna Dhaba. From Krushna Dhaba, We took right turn and reached Sran Farm through Kachcha Road at 6:00 pm. Road was quite well and maintained except village connecting road. Greenery both the sides of the road and farmers worked in their field were making this journey amazing beyond all, the weather was pleasant. Beauty of Village, peaceful nature and group of white birds and ducks forced us to click photos. Clouds were expanding their territory in the sky and whereas sun was trying to push some sunlight to earth though loop holes in the clouds. , cycling kms for just grinding that wheat,      






Steve, Aman, Ranjeet and me in above picture
Sowing seeds by farmer
Sunshine try to enter from Clouds…
Buffalo Welcoming us 😛
Bird Watching…

At Sran Farm, It’s a simple house owned by a Sikh Family, whose main profession is farming. Surrounded by acres of lush green land and fruitful tress, Farm House is now ready to welcome us. As we know Sikhs are known for their King sized lifestyle, Our first experienced was the same Sikh Family welcomed us with traditional drink ‘lassi’, whose size is almost a litre. Time was still remaining to sunset, so we went out to enjoy the farms and click photographs. First thing that attract us was Desi style of warehousing straw, which help them to feed their animals throughout the year.

Farm House


Desi Straw Warehouse
Cute Sikh Kid






Water fun Time
Photography Time
Time for Sunset

Before coming back from fields, we took a bath under water pumps. One thing that we strongly understand from our today’s trip that ‘Farming is really very hardworking profession’




After coming back to our room, our Host offered us Tea and Snacks, which were really needful that time.

Village Choupal

Then, Farm House Staff arranged some khatiya (Bed) in the open lawn and we discussed a lot about village/ rural life and customs with the local people.

At 9:30 pm, Host arranged delicious food, which was prepared by local-cook. He used all Desi ingredients (Masala and Herbs) in it and the process was also new for us.

After eating tasty food, now time to sleep.

At 06:00 am,

Good Morning from the Sran Farm,

Lush Green Fields

Time for Walking Tour of Village, so without wasting my time, took my camera and left for village situated side by Farm. Got a chance to see local peoples, who were busy in daily chores. Kids were planning to go to school and Farmers for their fields. Then, a sudden voice touches my eardrums that sound was of Damru. One local guy invited me to enjoy ‘Tamasha-Show’ of village. One performer who was surrounded by almost all villagers humming some ‘Mantras’. All locals were watching him very seriously, then my eye sight attracted by one village. Then children and their mothers came to me and urge for click some photos. Because woman in village was shying from camera So they stands their kids in line for photographs. Then one moment that touched my heart was when a baby was sleeping beyond all tensions in desi swing which was hanged on a tree and his/her sister guarding.










After Walk We went to local pond (taal), and have a perfect fun loving bath. My friends caught fishes and took them to their homes. Taking a bath in a Taal was an amazing experience because it was not too deep and muddy. Pond was cool and it was my first experience to swim or dive in natural swimming pool. The serene beauty of green fields was soothing and forcing us to spend some more times with them.

After ‘Taal’ local worker or our guide shows us all types of crops and vegetables planted and also took us ‘Gau shala’. Then, back to our rooms because it’s time for breakfast. Aalu Paratha and Butter Milk were unforgettable.

Before give adieu to us, Host gifted us Fresh Vegetables as souvenir.

After taking all these memories, which connect me more to nature or our roots. We start pedalling again towards my regular life of ‘Bhagambhag’. It was a wonderful trip where I experienced various type of tourism like Cycle, Highway, Village, Farm or Agro etc etc etc.

How to Reach: 

Airways: Nearest Airport is Gwalior (20 km) which is directly connected with New Delhi and Mumbai.

Railways:  Banmore has its Railway Station but not many trains available. Best is to reach Gwalior Railway Station (20 km ), which is directly connected with all major cities of India.

Roadways: You can reach Gwalior or Banmore by bus or taxi directly.

For reaching Sran Farm: To Reach Farm, You can hire taxi from Gwalior or Best way is to go on cycle or bike tour.

Where to Stay: Tourist can stay in homestay of Farms.

‘Real Tourism always start with Real Hosts’



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