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Songiri Group of Temples

Sonagiri literally means ‘A Golden Mountain’ is a sacred and religious site of Digambar sect of Jainism. It is situated in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh. There are lots of temples, idols and meditation place in Sonagiri. Tourists and Devotees of Jainism from all over the world visited the sacred place to take blessings. While traveling between Gwalior- Jhansi, the group of white architectures on the green mountain attracts you are the Sonagiri temples.  

According to religious inscriptions, Chandraprbhu, the 8th Teerthankar of Jainism with five & half crores saints have attained salvation (Moksha) on the sacred mountain of Sonagiri. There are more than 77 beautiful Jain temples devoted to various Teerthankars of Jainism. Among them, Temple number 57 is the most famous and attractive which belongs to 8th Teerthankar.

The traditional gate of Sonagir

This is the unique place known as Laghu Sammed Shikhar covering the area of 132 acres of two hills. It is surrounded by green fields and trees, mountains of Sonagir is clean and maintained. There are a lot of Dharamshalas (Inns) and restaurant that offer Jain food (satvik) on very nominal charges.

Let’s explore the small world of Jain temples of Sonagiri.

Main Gate

Chandraprabhu Dwar (Main Entrance)

All temples

Chakki Mandir

Nandishwar Dweep (नंदीश्वर द्वीप)

Sambhav-Sharan or Samosharan (संभव शरण)
Panoramic view of Sonagiri from the hill


57 Temples:  It is the main temple located on the hill. This is vast in size, very beautiful, having the attractive artistic spire, in this temple principal deity is Lord Chandraprabhu.

Temple No 57: Chandraprabhu Temple

A column of Dignity (Mahastambh)
Idol of Bhagwan Mahavir Swami

Other temples on the besides the main hill.

How to Reach:

Airways: Nearest Airport is in Gwalior (80 km) directly connected with New Delhi, Indore, and Mumbai.

Railways: Very few trains have a stoppage in Sonagir Railways station. Other best options are Datia (15km) and Jhansi (45 km) connected with all major cities of India.

Roadways: Sonagiri is situated on Gwalior-Jhansi highway. Few buses directly connect Sonagir with major cities. The best option is to hire a taxi and visit Sonagir.

Where to Stay: There are lots of Inns and Guest Houses available in Sonagiri. They are affordable and clean. Don’t forget to dine in mess associated with inns. Eg. Dilliwali Dharamshala, Beespanthi Dharamshala etc


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