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Gharial Eco-Park, Morena

The Ghariyal Centre at Deori, Morena nearby is the only one of its kind in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh and give chance to the public to experience the life cycle of aquatic reptiles. Eco-Centre, Deori is a part of National Chambal Sanctuary. As we know, because of various reasons like climatic change, pollution, and smuggling, various species of aquatic or amphibians are on the brink of extinction. There are numerous species of gharial, tortoise, dolphins, crocodile etc in Chambal river which comes under highly endangered species list. The center helps breed and rehabilitate Gharials, Tortoises, and Crocodiles in the Eco-Park. Because of active efforts, Eco-Park boasts the population and tried to save the endangered species and protect them.

Many Tourists, Research Scholars from all over the world visit Ghariyal Eco-Park. It is one the rarest place in the world where their efforts can make gharials and tortoise life easier and survival.   

Here are some of the clicks from Eco-Center that gives you a glimpse of it.


Preserved Egg of Ghariyal
An age of 2-4 months of Ghariyal
More than an age of 6 months

Ghiryal more than an age of 1 year


Home of Reptiles/Mammals: 

Children’s Park:   

How to Reach:
Airways: Nearest Airport is in Gwalior (48 km) which is connected with cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Indore.
Railways: Morena Railway Station (8 km) is directly connected with major cities another important Railway station is Gwalior (48 km).
Roadways: It is situated on NH-3. Buses to neighboring cities like Gwalior, Dholpur, Agra, Jaipur, Bhind, New Delhi, etc are easily available here.

Where to Stay: Eco-Centre has its own Guest House, Tourist can stay in the guest house on very optimal prices.

Things to Remember: 

    • Do not disturb or tease animals.
    • Refrain from smoking or lighting of a fire.
    • Don’t play music inside the Eco-Park.
    • Do not throw plastics or garbage anywhere. Use only dustbins.
    • Don’t try to enter in the cages of reptiles.


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  1. Hello sir
    I am a doctor and want to do work on alligator conservation of Chambal river so I want to join you for study on behaviour of alligators and learn that how can prevent this critically endangered species
    Plz allow me for this

  2. Dear Ankit

    This is Ravi pathak from morena. I’m ower of memorable holidays company.

    I want to explore morena chambal tourism.
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