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Dumna Nature Reserve, Jabalpur

Dumna Nature Reserve is an Eco-tourism site situated near Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh state of India.  It spreads over 1058 hectare area covered with Lush Green Forest centred with a beautiful Lake named Khandari. On the other side of Lake there is beautiful Dam named Khandari Dam which was constructed under British Empire in the Year 1883 and it’s a remarkable example of Civil Engineering. As we know Jabalpur is known for it’s water bodies and beautiful gardens but these days cleanliness is city’s prime face. Dumna Nature Reserve is known for its wide variety of flora and fauna. And its a paradise for Wildlife photographers and birdwatchers. Wild animals including Wild Boar, Jackals, porcupines, chital, spotted deer, monkeys, baboon, wild boar and many species of birds inhabit in the Reserve. Hanging bridge, tent platform, Rest House, Fishing Platform, Toy Train and Boating are other attractions of Nature Reserve.

Lake View of Dumna Nature Reserve

Let’s Explore Dumna Nature Reserve…

After I came to know that Jabalpur Municipal Corporation prepared Madhya Pradesh’s First Cycle Trail of 15 km in Nature Reserve. It was just impossible for an explorer like me to stay myself home and not explore it.

So, We took our car and Reached Jabalpur by evening.

By 06:00 AM, I along with my friends reached Dumna Nature Reserve.

Entry Gate of Dumna Nature Reserve, Jabalpur

Then We took the entry tickets and hired cycles for the most awaited journey.

We entered into the park; and First encountered magnificent Sunrise from Lake. It was such a delight to feel the cold breeze and enjoy the aura created by the beautiful scenery of the Lake, Green Forest and that of the Sunrise in single frame. We clicked many pictures and moved on for our next stop.

Perfect Morning at Dumna

Now, We entered into Cycle Trail and followed the path.

Cycle Trail
Cycle Trail Indicator

Cycle 1








CYCLE TRAIL was in circular path which was encircled around the lake. During our journey, we encountered various wild animals, birds, aquatic animals and reptiles. Scenic Beauty of Nature Reserve was outstanding.


Deer1 Deer

DSC07557 DSC07584


The 1883 constructed Dam was still looking like new piece of art and the Rest House near to Dam looked like a perfect place to stay.

Khandari Dam constructed in 1883
Dam’s Landmark




After completing our cycling trip, We took breakfast in the Canteen situated under Nature Reserve.

Rest House inside Dumna Nature Reserve

It was memorable for me and cyclist like me would never forget it and I would like to come here again and again in future.

Information about Dumna Nature Reserve:

  • Kalchuri Family Restaurant is available in Nature Reserve premises.
  • Toy Train in Children Park provides you a complete view of the park.
  • Cycles available on Rent.
  • Battery vehicles also available for Safari.
  • Toilets are available inside Nature Reserve.

Do’s and Dont’s in Dumna Nature Reserve:

  • Please do not make noise inside the Nature Reserve.
  • Please do not take polythene bags or any kind of waste material in the Nature Reserve.
  • Flora and Fauna of the park are fully protected and must not be disturbed at any cost.
  • Noise producing equipment are not allowed inside the nature reserve such as radio, speakers etc.
  • The visitors are strictly prohibited to walk within the Nature Reserve between sunset and sunrise.
  • Please keep the Nature Reserve clean. The visitors are required to place the trash in the Dustbins.
  • Do not offer any eatables to animals.
  • Cooking is not allowed within the Nature Reserve premises.
  • Blowing of horns and driving above the speed limit is strictly prohibited within the Tiger Reserve.
  • Bathing and swimming are prohibited due to the presence of crocodiles in lake.
  • Please follow the CYCLE TRAIL indicator for not to be lost in your path.
Soothing view of Lake

How to Reach: Dumna Nature Reserve is 10 km from the city of Jabalpur on Dumna Airport Road.

Airways: Jabalpur Airport is  directly connected with New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bhopal. 

Railways:  Jabalpur Railway Station is headquarters of  West Central Railway zone of Indian Railways and is connected with all major cities of India. 

Roadways: Bus Service available from Jabalpur Bus Stand to all nearby cities of Madhya Pradesh and regular buses available for cities like Nagpur and Raipur the neighbouring states Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh respectively. 

Where to Stay:  There are numerous hotels and Inns of every category available in Jabalpur city. Hotel Kalachuri of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is one of the option for staying in Jabalpur and other good option is BK Castle.

Best Time to Visit: October to April.

Park Entry Fees:

Entry Fees Rs 20
Cycle Charges Rs 50
Toy Train Rs 25

 Tourist can also take their vehicle to National Park with following guidelines and fees.

“Keep Cycling Keep Exploring”

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