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Budget Trip to Nepal


Most of the travellers want to visit tourist destinations of Nepal but because of having less information they didn’t plan to explore and some tourists divert to other destinations due to expensive flights and hotels or simply consider Nepal as over budgeted destination.

In this travelogue, I will share my Nepal Travel Story which helps you to plan your budget trip and explore the tourist places of Nepal on your own.

Day 1:

I started at Gwalior (you can start from anywhere and reach Gorakhpur by train).

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I went to Etawah from Gwalior by train. Took another train named Vaishali Express (New Delhi- Barauni Jn.) reached Gorakhpur in the noon. There are lots of trains come to Gorakhpur from every corner of India.

Because I was in hurry, so missed the chance to see Gorakhpur city but you don’t miss it. Places like Gorakhdham Temple, Gita Press and Railway Museum are the famous one.

Gorakhpur Railway Station

I took a taxi to reach Sonouli border. It is a small town where the Boundary between India and Nepal meets. There are other options too to reach Sonouli from Gorakhpur like a train to Nautanwa station, and buses.

A road to India-Nepal Border, Sonouli

Change your currency as per your requirement at the border. A small denomination of Indian Rupees accepted in Nepal. Travelling with 500 Rs or 2000Rs note is illegal 

 I crossed the border without any problem. No Passport or VISA required for Indian citizens.

Then, I took Public Transport to reach the Buddha Square in Bhairawa town. It costs only 15 NR (Nepali Rupees) or 10 IC (Indian Currency). In Bhairawa, I hired a taxi for exploring Lumbini. My driver cum guide charged 1500 IC for Lumbini tour and dropped at Bhairawa Airport.

Before moved to Lumbini, I booked my flight ticket from Bhairawa to Kathmandu which costs 1600 IC.

The distance between Bhairawa to Lumbini is 25 km. Work still in progress. New Highway will start soon.

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Lumbini-It is the Birthplace of Lord Buddha and is one of the holiest sites for the followers of Buddhism. Lumbini is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Maya Devi Temple, Bodhi tree, pond, and Ashokan Pillar are the main places under heritage sites premises.


 Maya Devi Temple, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha


Other places that I visited are stupa, monastery, temples, pagoda, and peace fame. Buddhist council of many countries like India, China, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc have built temples, stupas and viharas in Lumbini to give gratitude. 

Peace Pagoda (Japan Stupa), Lumbini

 I took a flight from Bhairawa to Kathmandu (45 minutes). According to the Nepal Airways agency, there are more than 26 flights between Bhairawa, Pokhara and Kathmandu.

The scenic beauty of the Himalayas from the Ariel view was mesmerising.

Kathmandu: The Capital City of Nepal and better known as the religious centre of Hinduism and Buddhism.

It was drizzling when my flight landed in Kathmandu Airport. The weather was really soothing and 6 degree, better than the plains. I reached Kathmandu at 7:30 pm. took a Taxi and left for my hotel. It was in Thamel region of Kathmandu and the place for Shopping, Night Life, and Budget Hotels 

Night Dinner at Bhojan Griha: Authentic Nepali cuisines.

Day 3:

It was raining in the city and I went for walk to explore Kathmandu Darbar Square. It was about 1 km from the hotel.

Kathmandu Darbar Square: Cultural Center of the old city and once used to be a Palace of Royal Family. In 2015 earthquake, City lost its lot of heritage legacy. Darbar square consists of Hindu temples, which made up of wood and stone. Earlier, this place used to be a residence of Royal family and it now turned into a museum. One thing that I missed to see is Kumari Ghar (Living Goddess of Kathmandu). Construction and renovation work of temple is still in the progress. 

After breakfast, I went to visit Narayanhiti Darbar and The Garden of Dreams.

Narayanhiti Darbar: It is a Royal Palace of Kathmandu and served as a residence and principal workplace of reigning monarch of Kingdom of Nepal. Now, it converts into a Museum where tourists can see belongings related to the Royal family. Narayanhiti is on the walking distance to Thamel.

The Garden of Dreams: It’s a beautiful garden located in Kaiser Mahal and besides the Royal Palace at the entrance gate of Thamel. It consists of gardens, pavilions, amphitheatre, and ponds etc.

I came back to the Hotel, took a lunch and power nap, then moved to visit Pashupati Nath Temple.

Pashupati Nath Temple: It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva and located on the bank of Bagmati River. Pashupathi Nath is the famous religious and spiritual site of Kathmandu. Only Hindu pilgrims allow entering in the main temple compound. The Ghats of Pashupathi Nath is famous as the cremation place of Kathmandu.


After dinner I went to take dinner in Annapurna Hotel: It said to be one of the oldest hotels of Kathmandu city and located on Darbar Marg.

Day 4:

After taking breakfast, I took a taxi to visit Swayambhu Nath Temple.

Random picture from the streets of Kathmandu

Swayambhu Nath: It is one of the sacred Buddhist Temple of Kathmandu and listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Swayambhu Mountain consists of Stupa, Buddha statue and idols, small temples, other important building. The main stupa is located on the top of Swayambhi Parvat and can be possible to reach only by climb stairs.


Prayer Wheel

 After Swayambhu Nath Temple, I took public transport to go another important Buddhist site i.e Bouddha Nath Stupa. It is around 9 km distance.

Boudhanath Stupa: It is famous as the biggest Buddhist stupa of the world. It is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site and located 11 km from the Kathmandu city. The Buddhist stupa of Boudha Stupa dominates the skyline. It is surrounded by souvenir shops always attracts tourists. Singing Bells, Thangka Paintings, Buddha Statue, Prayer wheels, and Kashmere Pashmina are most common in these shops. Hindus and Buddhist pilgrims visit Boudhanath regularly. Eyes on the top of the stupa are the most attractive one.


I back to the hotel took lunch and left for the airport.

I catch 4:00 pm Kathmandu- Bhairava flight

From Bhairawa airport, I hired an auto to drop me at Sonouli border.

Followed the same route to came back to my hometown.

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