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A walk through an Adarsh Gaushala

Every time I as a wanderer look around for unexplored tourism destination. Made plans to visit, experience, capture the moments and then share stories through various social media platforms. My wish list includes beaches, mountains, palaces, national parks, villages etc. Recently, my friend suggested me to visit the ‘home of cows’ i.e Gaushala. I mockingly rejected his idea and said ‘Who will visit gaushala in this era?’ But You Know What ‘you can reject anyone but not your best friend’. So the journey begins to this new form of tourism.

Adarsh Gaushala: It is located in Lal Tipara Village, near Morar, a suburb of Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh). Started around 13 years ago, Adarsh Gaushala claimed as one of the biggest gaushalas which run by Municipal Corporation. The saints and volunteers of Shree Krishnayana Foundation run this gaushala successfully and now make it an attraction for people. According to record, there are more than 6000 cows and bulls in the gaushala campus and most of them are street cattle and shifted here. It is spread over the area of 26 Acres of land. Its works on 3R concept mean Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Swamiji added one more interesting fact that ‘once upon a time this used as British tannery but now is known as ‘Home of Cows’. we can see a lot of British architectural buildings inside the campus.’

One Sunday in the early morning, I visited the gaushala to experience it. I was welcomed by Swami Rishabhdevanand Ji, caretaker of gaushala. He said ‘If you want to experience the gaushala then first you should know about the cows, bulls, type of cows and its benefits to the humanity.  ‘

He stated

“यत्र गावः प्रसन्ना: स्यु: प्रसन्नास्तत्र सम्पद: ।

यत्र गावो विषण्णा: स्युर्विषणास्तत्र सम्पद: ।।

“Where there cows are worshipped, there is prosperity.

But if they are in sorrow, the whole prosperity declines”

Most of our epics said about the glorious contribution of mother cow to the humanity. A cow is the core center of our culture. From Ancient Era, monks and saints do the scientific research and proved about the efficiency of cow and its products. Also, various researches said that the cow is capable of nurturing themselves and its care taker.

then Swami ji guided me that they divided cows into different sections according to their age, gender, physical fitness, milch and maternity. Tagging each cow is also mandatory in the system to give them a unique identity. Light Music of Bansuri (flute) gives this place a feel of Vrindavan.

So we started with the pregnancy section

Newly born Calves:

Calves: Mr. India (calf) is one of the favourites among all the calves.

Mid-aged cows and bulls:


Bulls: Gir Breed bulls are very famous and attractive

Swami ji is with Balaram (Gir Breed Bull)

Hospital: Cow Walker, lifting machine

Straw and Hay House, Mixer plant

Gobar Gas Plant (Biogas): Gaushala produces 85 cubic meters of gas by the Gobar Gas plant. It helps to make gaushala self-dependent by using in electricity and food preparation.

then Swami Ji took me to the innovation center

Organic Compost: Gaushala gets 35 tonnes of cow dung per day. One NGO makes organic compost by cow dung and circulates to the farmers. It is used as an alternate of Chemical fertilizer, pesticides, and urea. It also maintains the fertility of the soil.

Briquette Plant: Briquettes made up of cow dung. It used in cremation of human bodies. It helps to purify the air and the best alternate of wood.

Cow dung briquette

Other domestic products: Gonyle, DhoopBatti, etc

Meditation Center: A peaceful place where one can practice meditation.

This initiative of collecting waste food from the local community to use them as food for cow and also use in making compost.

Bhandara (Canteen): Visitors can enjoy fresh cow milk, buttermilk, and food.


My experience at Gaushala was really incredible and incomparable to any other tourism form. That feeling of having a calf in your hand and hug, learn how to get milk from the cow, cattle feeding, bullock cart riding, and above all having pure and fresh dairy products gave ultimate satisfaction. So, I can say one should visit Gaushala with their family, friends, and the loved ones.



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  1. Visited the gaushala
    Great efforts,smart management.
    ग्वालियर नगर निकाय और गौसेवकों को साधुवाद!

    1. Promote others to visit Gaushal.
      देश की संस्कृति ही उसका असली पर्यटन है

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